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2009 Election Results
Posted on Nov 4th, 2009

For the District Election, with one position open, we had a total of 7 votes cast, 3 of which were absentee, with John Kramer receiving 6 votes & Steve Rozier receiving 1 vote.  John Kramer will serve a 3 year term expiring 11-2012.
For the Homeowner's Association Election, with two positions open, we had a total of 47 ballots returned, 1 of which was not signed so it could not be validated.  So, of the 46 ballots that were approved, James Butler received 39 votes, James P. Frederick received 42 votes, Dave Adsit received 1 vote, Steve Rozier received 1 vote, John Kramer received 1 vote and John Jacobson received 1 vote.  James Butler and James P. Frederick were re-elected to serve 3 year terms expiring 11-2012.
Congratulations to the Winners !
A Big Thank You to all who voted !
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