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Source Gas Survey
Posted on Mar 2nd, 2011

SOURCE GAS will be conducting a survey to determine the feasibility of bringing natural gas service into Antelope Valley.
In a few days you will receive this survey in the mail; it is important to fill it out and return it as soon as possible.
Even if you have all electric appliances; there may be some conversion options to switch to natural gas.
The results of this survey will help determine whether or not it is feasible to bring natural gas service into Antelope Valley, which could produce utility savings of 40% or more!
Next week there will be people working with Source Gas throughout the subdivision; they will be reviewing possible routes for lines, etc…
These people will not be wearing any uniforms, or necessarily carrying any Source Gas identification so we wanted you to be aware of their presence and not alarmed.
However, we remind you to use caution, and if you see something that you do not think is proper, please call the Sheriffs’ Department and report it.
Thank you,
Antelope Valley Improvement & Service District Board of Directors
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